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Frequently asked questions

The  arts are a wonderful way to connect, grow, learn, and can create lifelong friendships. 

There are many types of schools and educational opportunities in the arts, and as such, many different ways to demonstrate how the arts are valued and presented. New customers may have questions based on either prior experiences with schools, or no experience with arts education. We are here to answer any questions you may have. 

Here we have fielded some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. If you have additional questions about our arts curriculuum, we encourage a phone call at

314-800-5999 or email


1) What is "Individualized Practice? 

At SkyStone we recognize each student and family have different goals when it comes to arts study. We start the process of enrollment by asking what those goals are, and then advising a learning plan to help you reach those goals. 


2) Do you make your customers sign an annual contract?

No. Families can have many changes that may happen throughout the school year. Some children may want to try an activity and then find it isn't their cup of tea. We don't believe parents should then be required to pay the rest of the years' tuition. Our solution: you only commit to paying for one month at a time. 

3) Do you have family rates? 

Yes. At SkyStone all classes are discounted once the first class is taken. Additional classes added are proportionally discounted.

4) Do you have recitals? 

Yes, we have recitals. It is one of our happiest days of the year.  It is our goal to demonstrate both the growth of our dance students annually, as well as representationally assuring the children are performing in a manner that is artistic and dignified for their ages. Each family pays a recital fee in the Spring .The recital is not a requirement of participation in dance classes. We begin our recital process in May, with the performance in July. Most families participate in the recital, some choose not to. SkyStone Solution: make the recital memorable, artistic, affordable, but not a requirement of learning to dance. 

5)  My child has special needs. Do you have a special needs class? 
No. And this is why:
At SkyStone we believe in inclusion. We prefer all of our students enjoy the same opportunities, equally. We welcome special needs children in all of our classes. There is no need for a special needs class at SkyStone as we can work with any family to create an environment of learning appropriate for any child. With a small faculty and small classes, parents can be reassured each child is always addressed individually. 

6) How big are your classes?
For Preschool, no more than 6-7 students per class.
For Explorers, we average 5-7 but will not go over 9 per class without an assistant.
For the Ensemble, the classes grow in number as the dancers get older. Currently there are 15 teens in the !st Company, 8-10 in 2nd company/apprentices/juniors. We keep our classes small consciously so that all of our students get the 
appropriate amount of attention in class. 

SkyStone Conservatory of the Arts

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