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Registration Process

Our annual season runs from the first Tuesday after Labor Day in September through the 2nd week of July. 

Registration at SkyStone is ongoing throughout the year, and you can register at any time for our classes. 


If you are coming to SkyStone with dance experience, we ask for a placement session prior to enrollment, to make sure the class you are interested in is the best fit. Please reach out to schedule your placement session. 


We offer a free trial class to all of our prospective clientele throughout the year. Let us know if you are interested in scheduling a visit to SkyStone to meet with the Director and discuss your goals in the arts. 


To Register: 

Request a registration form through our email address at  

or call 314-800-5999  to request a registration packet. 

Once you receive the registration forms, read and sign all appropriate forms, and send the forms back via email or mail along with a $30 New Student registration Fee. We will then email you confirmation of enrollment in your class. 


We have several options for payment including cash, check, credit card via PayPal, & Venmo. Payment info is included in the registration forms. 

SkyStone Conservatory of the Arts

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