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Dance at SkyStone

Dance Classes at SkyStone are the cornerstone of our school. All classes are based in the tradition of Ballet, Jazz, and Modern dance. 

The SkyStone method for developing dancers is a multifaceted approach including age appropriate skill development, a process of adding longer classes as the dancer ages, focusing on building strong neuropathways of alignment in the body, performance opportunities to develop confidence, and creative interaction at all phases of development. 

We offer two focused paths of study, with options to design your classes based on your interests and goals.  Dancers in the Discovery/Explorer track have class once per week. Dancers in the SkyStone Performing Ensemble take multiple classes per week to support their increased interest in dance. 

Technical training in dance from the traditional perspective includes a practice of repetition of movements learned in class. Our theory of teaching is it is better to teach someone how to dance vs. spending the class focused time only teaching a dance. For our recitals, we start the process of learning dances in mid-May for the performance in mid-July. 

We prefer our dancers not perform in 2 piece costumes and we do not participate in dance competitions. The spirit of our studio is inclusivity and equality for all of our dancers. All families and dancers of any ability are welcome to join us at SkyStone.

Please reach out for a trial class and to learn more about our values in dance education. 

Description of Dance Classes

Dance Discovery/ Dance Explorers

Ages 3-up

Dance Discovery and Dance Explorer levels are for students wishing to explore dance as an activity. These classes combine an equal emphasis in ballet and jazz/modern/creative movement and basic tap. The Discovery/Explorer levels meet once per week, and include a recital option at the end of the season. All students including those with different abilities are welcome to join the Discovery and Explorer levels.


Dancers with prior experience should contact SkyStone to schedule a placement session to ensure proper placement, as the levels are skill progressive based on age strength, and experience in ballet. 


Pre-School Dance Discovery 

Ages 3-5

45 minutes

$50 per month

This class is focused on introducing dance to pre-school aged children in a structured yet creative environment. The  interactive classroom engages young children while building skills such as cooperation, coordination, and balance. Classes are limited to 8 students to ensure each little dancer receives individual attention. New artistic themes and inspiration are explored each month. 


Dance Explorers

Ages 5-6

60 minutes

$80 per month

Tap is optional, 15 minutes, $10 per month


The Explorer level for ages 5-6 is focused upon developing an understanding of the fundamentals of ballet, and increasing strength and coordination. The classes at SkyStone are always taught by experienced adult educators. Classes are limited to 10 students per class. Our interactive classroom provides hands on activities and monthly artistic themes to explore.


Dance Explorers
Ages 6-up

One hour per week
$80 per month
Tap is optional  $10 per month

As the young dancer grows, the Explorer levels support both the student who enjoys  a once per week activity and those that wish to pursue a greater interest in dance. The Explorer level prepares the students with increased time of study in ballet as the dancer progresses, increased corporeal awareness with focus on strength and flexibility, and a creative impetus on understanding dance as an art form. 


SkyStone Performing Ensemble
Ages 8-up

For the aspiring dancer that has a passion for dance as an activity, or for the student who has professional dance aspirations, the performing ensemble supports the opportunity to grow and develop more refined skills in dance. 

The ensemble is a touring company, performing throughout the metropolitan area and regionally in other areas of the United States. The creative and community centric performances have been acclaimed by numerous professional organizations. As a result, the ensemble has a full season with many opportunities to enjoy.  


Junior Company

Ages 8-9

Jr Company meets twice per week for 60 minutes. Classes include Ballet, Jazz and Modern dance. Tap is optional


Apprentice Company

Ages 9-11

Apprentices meet twice. per week for a 45 minute Ballet/30 minute Jazz class and 60 minute Modern dance class. 

Tap is optional


Company 2 

Ages 11-13

2nd Company dancers meet twice per week for one hour for Ballet, and also have a one hour Jazz class & one hour Modern dance class per week. They are in class with the advanced dancers frequently. At 12, the dancers are eligible to enroll in Pre-pointe which is a 15 minute focused experience in slowly moving onto pointe, Tap is optional as well as enrolling in the Choreography Class. 


Company 1
Ages 14-up

Ballet 3 hours per week (minimum)
Modern 1 hour per week
Jazz 1 hour per week
Pointe, Variations, Tap  are optional. Dancers with a pre-professional focus also take 
additional classes in Choreography, Advanced Modern dance (Thursdays) and Advanced Ballet (Sundays)

SkyStone Conservatory of the Arts

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