Dance at SkyStone


We aim to connect people to a high standard of dance practice, whether the goal is more focused on

experiential learning, or whether the goal is to direct one's career in the field of dance. 

In our children's program, we rely on 47 years of proven success in our equal emphasis traditional ballet and modern dance curriculum. Advanced and professional dancers have options to train with our company, SkyStone Contemporary Dance. We also have open classes for adults that love to move, but perhaps can't commit to a long term contract or fees. Workshops and camps for children and young adults in the summer are always a wonderful time to connect.

Our annual productions during the holidays and our summer showcase highlight and feature all of our beautiful students and are kept artistically relevant yet cost effective for growing families. 

Our classes are small to enhance connection to student growth and promote individualized attention.

Our faculty is kept purposefully small to stay properly connected to each student's growth.

We know all of our students and take the time to know their goals in dance, without judgment. Dance should uplift and empower the student to feel strong and confident. We do not theoretically approve of dance competitions for children and young adults, and do not participate in competitive dance. Our focus is on education and performance practice, with ballet as the foundation.

We have several programs of study, and are always collaborating with families to give them the best outcome  from their time at SkyStone.